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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

Encourage your student to take advantage of Career Services all four years of their college career. We have outline steps to help your student succeed each year they are here.

Freshmen - Getting Started

  1. Become accustomed to ORU and Tulsa. If you can visit ORU with your student to learn about the college and how you can show your support.
  2. Ask your students about the different extracurricular activities and on-campus organizations they are interested in getting involved with. For a list of different opportunities click here.
  3. Ask your student to participate in our career assessment tool, CareerBeam, to reaffirm their chosen Career path. Our team will also meet with your student to discuss their results.
  4. Encourage your student to get to know the Career Service Team, and to participate in our Career Fairs. This is a great opportunity to network with potential employers.

Sophomores - Getting Focused

  1. Ask your student what courses they have enjoyed the most and have an aptitude for or are interested in pursuing.
  2. Encourage your student to choose a major by the midpoint of their sophomore year. If they are still undecided encourage them to meet with a career advisor.
  3. Not sure what your student can do with a specific major. Have your student visit with Career Services various opportunities.
  4. Internships can provide your student with valuable work experience in their area of interest. Have your student search for internships during the upcoming semester(s) or during the summer.
    • Encourage your student to apply early. Visit our internship page for more information.
  5. It is important that your student begins crafting a resume
    • For more information on resume's and cover letters click here.
    • Encourage your student to make an appointment with Career Services for a one-on-one resume review or attend a resume workshop.
  6. Remind your students to participate in Career Week and the Career Expo, which are held on campus twice each year.

Juniors - Real World Prep

  1. Your student should being finalizing their resume.
  2. Remind your student to apply for an internships or part-time job opportunity to gain relevant work experience.
  3. Encourage your student to attend Career Week events and the Career Fairs held on-campus each semester to apply for part-time jobs, internships, and summer positions.
  4. If your student is interested in graduate school they should begin researching programs. They should apply early!
  5. If your student is interested in discussing their career goals they can schedule a one-on-one appointment with our Career Advisor.
  6. Your student should begin researching what type of companies/industries you would like to work for upon graduation.

Seniors-Career Launch

  1. Have your student confirm with the Registrar's office that they are on track to graduate. (Don't call on their behalf)
  2. Your student should finalize their graduate school applications. (if applying)
  3. Encourage your student to participate in a mock interview session.
  4. Remind your student to participate in all of the career week events and the career fair held on campus each semester.
  5. Have your student utilize our job search resources.
  6. Ask your student how you can help.


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