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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

  • Teen Mania students must meet ORU's minimum academic and admissions requirements in or der to be considered for admissions to ORU.
  • The final 30 semester hours of a baccalaureate degree program, including at least six hours in the major field  and the senior thesis
  • Transferable credits are determined by the established Course matrix. Under the current course matrix, Teen Maia Offers 42 credit hours that are eligible for transfer to ORU.

Oral Roberts University and Teen Mania Honor Academy

Honor Academy: 1st Year ORU Equivalent Hours
Biblical Survey BLIT 120 Survey of NT Literature 3
Foundations & Apologetics THE 415 Christian Apologetics 3
Christian leadership OR Leadership CHRM 302 Christian Leadership 3
Worldview HUM 103 Christian Worldview 3
Character Development CCC 303 Issues/Identity of the Caregiver 3
Biblical Principles for Women Elective 3
Biblical Principles for Men Elective 3
Perspectives on World Missions Elective 3
  Total Possible 24


Oral Roberts University and Teen Mania Honor Academy Graduate Intern Program

Graduate Intern Program ORU Equivalent Hours
Executive Leadership CHRM 460 Church Administration 3
Organizational Management & Practicum CHRM 351 Team Ministry 3
Public Speaking COM 101 Oral Communication 3
Management Associate Development Elective 3
Core Advisor Development Elective 3
Fellowship of the Burning Hearts Elective 3
  Total Possible 18



Teen Mania Honor AcademyGraduate Intern Program

ORU Online Course Schedule

  Course Course Name Hours
Fall A HUM 233 Renaissance and Enlightenment Humanities 3
  COMP 101 College Reading and Writing 3
Fall B HIS 101 American History Survey 3
  HUM 244 Romantic and Modern Humanities 3
Spring A BLIT 110 Survey of Old Testament Literature 3
  GOV 101 American Government and Politics 3
Spring B PSY 201 Principles of Psychology 3
  THE 103 Spirit-Empowered Living 3
    Total: 24


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