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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

  • Allows up to 42 credits to be transferred into an ORU undergraduate degree
  • Final 30 hours must be taken at ORU (including 9 hours in major)
  • Application fee will be waived for students who have aobtained an SBCE diploma/ degress
  • Classes that are available to be transferred are listed below (NOTE- All cluster classes MUST be taken to get full ORU credit)

    BS 101 OT Survey

    BS108 Pentateuch OR

    BTM 701 The Book of Isaiah

    BLIT 110: Intro to OT Literature 3

    BS102 NT Survey

    BTM 707 New Testament Exegesis

    BLIT 120: Intro to NT Literature 3

    CL304 Hermeneutics

    BTM 706 Advanced Hermeneutical Studies

    BIB 306--Hermeneutics: Principles of Biblical Interpretation 3

    BS103 Romans and Galations

    BS105 1&2 Corinthians OR

    CLM 903 Pastoral Epistles

    BIB 364-- The Pauline Epistles 3

    BS 107 Gospel (Matthew, Mark or Luke)

    BTM 701 Gospel of John

    BIB 362: Jesus & the Gospels OR

    BIB 372: Johannine Literature


    TS201 Theology 1

    TS202 THeology II

    THE 299: Intro to Theology 3

    HS401 History of Christianity

    TS204 Ecclessiology and Church Sacrament

    THE 461 - History of Christianity 1: Early Church OR

    THE 313-- Systematic Theology 1


    TS203 Pneumatology

    SP501: Spiritual Gifts

    CHRM 314 History of Spiritual Formation: Personal Methodology OR

    CHRM 313--Prayer Ministry of the Caregiver

    CL301 Biblical Foundations for Christian Leadership CHRM 302: Christian Leadership 3
    GSMG 612 Philosophy of Leadership   3

    SP502 Personal Discipleship for Leaders

    CL302 Pastoral Care/ Pastoral Ministry

    CHRM 306--Pastoral Ministry Skills; OR

    CHRM 315: Char/Pent App to Pastoral Care


    CL304 Homiletics

    BTM 704 Principles of Adult Education

    CHRM 305: Teaching the Bible


    CL303 Church Administration

    TS205 Christian Ethics

    CHRM 460 Church Administration OR

    THE 401: Chirstian Ethics


    MI 402 Biblical Theology of Mission

    MIM 803 Cross-Cultural Communication

    MISS 333: Theology of Missions OR

    MISS 350: Missions & Culture


    CLM 901 Christian Counseling I

    CLM 901 Christian Counseling II OR

    Marriage and Family Counseling


    CCC 301: Intro Christian Counseling



    Total Possible


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