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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

  • ISIU students must meet ORU's minimum academic and admissions requirements in order to be considered for admission to ORU.
  • Under the current course matrix, ISIU offers 43 classes that are eligible for transfer to ORU.
  • A total of 30 semester hours including the senior paper/project must be taken at ORU.
  • Adult learners may recieve up to 30 hours of credit for knowledge gained through non-college courses, on-the-job training, or personal studies.

Evaluation of Shepherd International University Italia

ISIU Course ORU Course
AT-BC 111 Old Testament

BIB 222 OR BLIT Bib Engagement 1: OT

AT-BC 112 Pentateuch BIB 421 Pentateuch
AT-BC 113 From Joshua to Esther BIB 332 OT Historical Books
NT-BC 321 AND 322 AND 327 BIB 261 NT Introduction

NT-BC 122 Four Synoptic Gospels OR BOTH

NT-BC 123 The Gospel of John AND NT-BC 124 Gospels: The Person of Jesus

BIB 362 Jesus and the Gospels
NT-BC 125 Acts of the Apostles BIB 346 Luke, Acts

TS-BC 131 The Revelation of God and the Holy Scriptures AND

TS-BC 132 God's Doctrine (Theology) AND

TS-BC 133 The Doctrine of the Trinity

THE 313 Systematic Theology I

SC-BC 141 History of Christianity AND

TS-BC 236 Confessions of Faith

THE 461 History of Christianity I
TP-BC 151 The Foundations of Faith THE 299 Introduction to Theology
TP-BC 152 Pedagogy Developmental Education CHRM 305 Teaching the Bible

TP-BC 153 Transmission of Biblical Text AND

TP-BC 353 Transmission of Biblical Text (2)

BIB 306 Hermeneutics

TP-BC 154 Principles of Leadership

CHRM 302 Christian Leadership

TP-BC 155 Evangelism and Missions

CHRM 335 Introduction to Evangelism

CO-BC 161 Basic Counseling Skills AND 

CO-BC 361 Definition of Counseling

CCC 301 Introduction to Christian Counseling

CO-BC 162 Counselor and the Bible AND

CO-BC 261 Definition of Counseling

CCC 303 Issues/Identity of the Caregiver

CO-BC 163 Suffering and Mourning AND

CO-BC 164 Meditation and Conflict Management

CCC 321 Pastoral Approaches to Counseling

LB-BC 171 Hebrew

BIB 311 Biblical Hebrew I

LB-BC 172 Greek

BIB 251 Greek I

AT-BC 211 Book of Job AND

AT-BC 212 Psalms AND 

AT-BC 213 Proverbs - Ecclesiastes - Song of Songs

BIB 437 Psalms and Wisdom Literature

NT-BC 221 Letter to the Romans AND 

NT-BC 222 1st and 2nd Corintians AND

NT-BC 223 Letter to the Galatians AND

NT-BC 224 Letter to the Ephesians AND

NT-BC 225 Letter to the Philippians AND

NT-BC 226 Letter to the Colossians

BIB 364 Pauline Letters

NT-BC 227 1st and 2nd Thessalonians AND

NT-BC 328 Revelation AND

TS-BC 333 Eschatology

BIB 363 Eschatology and Book of Revelation

TS-BC 231 Christology: The Doctrine of Christ AND 

TS-BC 232 Soteriology AND

TS-BC 233 The Doctrine of Atonement AND

TS-BC 234 The Doctrine of Salvation by Grace through Faith AND

TS-BC 331 Pneumatology: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit AND

TS-BC 332 Ecclesiology the Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord's Supper

THE 314 Systematic Theology 2

TP-BC 241 History of Christianity (2)

THE 462 History of Christianity 2

TP-BC 251 Homiletics/Biblical Exegesis AND

TP-BC 352 Expository Preaching

CHRM 340 Sermon Prep/Preaching

TP-BC 253 Parental Pedagogy-Adolescence

CHRM 453 Pastoral Care of Families w/Youth

CO-BC 262  Psychic Suffering AND

CO-BC 263 Social Service Networks AND

CO-BC 264 Crisis Counseling AND

CO-BC 265 Family Counseling

CCC 411 Practical Application of Helping Skills

LB-BC 271 Hebrew

BIB 312 Biblical Hebrew 2

LB-BC 272 Greek

BIB 252 Greek 2

AT-BC 312 Isaiah AND

AT-BC 313 Jeremiah/Lamentations AND

AT-BC 314 Ezekiel AND

AT-BC 315 Daniel AND

AT-BC 316 From Hosea to Malachi

BIB 424 Hebrew Prophets

NT-BC 323 Hebrews AND

NT-BC 324 James AND

NT-BC 325 1st and 2nd Peter AND

NT-BC 326 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John

BIB 376 Hebrews and General Epistles

SC-BC 341 History of Christianity (3)

THE 463 History of Christianity 3

TP-BC 351 Music, Art, and the Media

CHRM 431 Media and Technology in Ministry

CO-BC 362 Addictions

CCC 429 Substance Abuse

CO-BC 363 Development Psychology AND

CO-BC 364 Sexuality and Development of Gender Roles

CCC 324 Foundations of Personality Development

LB-BC 271 Hebrew (3)

BIB 319 Hebrews Exegesis

LB-BC 272 Greek (3)

BIB 351 Exegesis I

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