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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

  • IHOPU students must meet minimum academic and admissions requirements in order to be considered for admission to ORU
  • A total of 30 semester hours including the senior paper/project must be taken at ORU
  • Only courses with a grade of "C" or higher will transfer. Remedial and developmental courses will not transfer.
  • Courses available for transfer are listed below

Category 1: Courses that transfer 1-for-1

SM-FC203 OT Survey BLIT 110 Survey of OT Literature
SM-NTTHEO New Testament Theology THE 299 Intro to theology 
SM-AL306 Church History THE 461 History of Christianity 1: Early Church
SM-AP410 Desert Spirituality THE 462 History of Christianity 2: Medieval
SM-THOIS Biblical Theology of Israel BIB 349 Israel in Christian theology
SM-FC205 New Testament Survey BIB 120 Survey of NT Literature
MA-WD100 Developing & Leading a Worship Department MUS 451 Church Music Administration 
SM-HW300 Foundations of Worship MUS 309 Biblical Foundations of Worship
MA-AT451 Accelerated Rhythm Training  MUS 100 Fundamentals of Music


Category 2: Courses that transfer 2-for-1

SM-FC213 Basic Christian Life

SM-fc124 Kingdom Life

THE 320 Systematic Theology

SM-CY350 Leadership/ Next Generation 

SM-PSTRLTHEO Prac/Pastoral Theology

CHRM 302 Christian Leadership

SM-SE101 Survey of Eschatology

SM-FC120 God's Plan for World redemption 

BIB 363 Eschatology/ Bk of Revelation 

SM-AL307 Theology of the Holy Spirit

SM-FC121 Foundations of Intimacy

THE 104 Spirit Empowered 1

SM-FC116 Cultivating the Gifts of the HS

SM-GRACE Foundations of Grace

THE 105 Spirit Empowered 2

SM-FC123 Growing in Prayer

SM-FC111 Foundations of Intercession 

THE 464 Prayer

SM-BKEPH Book of Ephesians

SM-BKROM Book of Romans

BIB 364 Pauline Epistles

SM-APOLO Apologetics

SM-MB006 Beauty of God 

THE 415 Christian Apologetics 

Category 3: Courses that transfer 3-for-1

SM-GOSPELS The Gospels

SM-SOTM Sermon on the Mount

SM-FC110 Excellencies of Christ

BIB 362 Jesus and the Gospels

SM-BKIS Book of Isaiah 

SM-FC207 Book of Daniel

SM-AP408 Restoration Prophets

BIB 424 Hebrew Prophets

SM-MT314 Psalms

SM-SOS Song of Solomon

SM-AL304 Theology of Night and Day Prayer

BIB 437 Psalms and Wisdom Literature

MA-GA301 Biblical Approach to Songwriting

MA-VA100 Vocal Arranging for Worship Teams

MA-IA100 Instr. Arranging for Worship Teams

MUS 320 Songwriting and Arranging


  • For any applied piano course, students would need to take a placement exam before the transferal of any credits could be considered.
  • For any applied voice course, students would need to audition with the Vocal Area Coordinator before the transferal of any credits could be considered.
  • for any applies guitar course, students would need to audition with the Guitar Area Coordinator before the transferal of any credits could be considered.
  • If the applied drum set (commercial, not to be confused with orchestral percussion) credits are 2 or 3 credit hours each, then it would be acceptable as a substitute for our 2 credit hour Applied Drum Set at ORU based on assessment before any transferal of credits could be considered.


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