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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World


• Possibility to transfer up to 85 credits into an ORU undergraduate program
• Application Fee will be waived for Alpha Omega Students
• Courses available to transfer are listed below (Must take ALL of the cluster classes from AOIC to equate to one of ORU’s classes)

AOIC Courses

ORU Course

ORU Title

Old Testament Survey and any Old Testament course not used elsewhere BLIT 110 Survey of Old Testament Literature
Pentateuch and either Genesis or Exodus BIB 421 Pentateuch
Historical Books and either I & II Chronicles or Nehemiah BIB 332 Old Testament Historical Books
Major Prophets and Minor Prophets BIB 424 Hebrew Prophets
Wisdom and Poetic Literature and Psalms BIB 437 Psalms and Wisdom Literature
Introduction to OT Hebrew and Hebrew I BIB 311 Biblical Hebrew I
Hebrew II and Hebrew III BIB 312 Biblical Hebrew II
New Testament Survey and any other NT course 200-400 level BIB 120 Survey of NT Literature
General Epistles and Hebrews BIB 376 Hebrews and General Epistles
Issues in Pauline Letters and one of the following: (I & II Corinthians, Romans and Galatians, I & II Thessalonians, Pastoral Epistles or Prison Epistles) BIB 364

The Pauline Epistles


Greek I and Greek II and Greek III BIB 362

Jesus and the Gospels

Hermeneutics and Exegesis and the Preacher BIB 306


Intro to Theology and either Anthropology/Hamartiology, Christology/Soteriology or Eschatology/Ecclesiology THE 299

Intro to Theology

Pentecostal Foundations and Pneumatology THE 103

Spirit-Empowered Living

Apologetics and either Modern Cults or Asian Theology THE 415 Christian Apologetics
Christian Ethics and Spirituality & The Transformed Leader PHIL 401 Ethics
Contemporary Theology and Theology of the Spirit World THE 444 Contemporary Theology
Principles of Mission and Evangelism & Assimilation in the Local Church MISS 325 Intro to Christian Missions
Church Planting and Church Growth MISS 404 Church Growth and Planting

Cross Cultural Communication and either Cultural Anthropology or Language/Culture Learning and either Missions or Foundation of Cross Cultural Ministry 

MISS 350 Missions and Culture
 Intro to Counseling and Christian Counseling CCC 301 Intro to Christian Caregiving
Human Development and Human Sexuality  CCC 332 Lifespan Development
Foundations of Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Counseling CCC 321 Christian Approaches to Counseling
Counseling Skills I and Counseling Skills II CCC 411 Practical Applications of Helping Skills
Models of Intervention in Counseling and Crisis & Community Counseling CCC 405 Crisis Intervention
Counseling for Substance Abuse & Addiction and Group Dynamic in Counseling CCC 429 Substance Abuse

Foundation of Pastoral Ministry and either Pastoral Ministries or Charismatic Leadership and Leadership for the 21st Century

CHRM 302 Christian Leadership
Church Administration and Ministry Management CHRM 460 Church Administration 
Spiritual Formation & Christian Character and Spiritual Direction CHRM 314 Spiritual Formation I 
Evangelism and Homiletics and either Contemporary Preaching or Pentecostal Preaching CHRM 340 Sermon Preparation & Preaching
Dynamics of Small Groups and Discipling & Mentoring CHRM 402 Discipleship & Small Groups
Creative Bible Teaching and Teaching Clinic CHRM 305 Teaching the Bible
Christian Education of Children and Children's Literature CHRM 456 Children's Ministry
Christian Education of Youth and Youth Ministries in the Local Church CHRM 317 Introduction to Youth Ministry

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