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Ready to surf the Web to find resources to study French, or learn about French and Francophone culture, or find the latest news from Paris or Luxembourg? Here are some websites to get you started, but you can just search for anything on your own. Use phrases like "learn french online" or "culture of France" or "travel to the Congo," and you'll find a lot of good information to sort through....

Language Learning Resources

French.About.Com - large website with links for learning French, culture, travel and more
BBC's French Language - online lessons and games
French Basics and Essential Info - what you need to know
French Tutorial - some free lessons, some deluxe features
French Grammar Central - links to grammar explanations and quizzes
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links - lots of links for grammar, culture and more
La Guinguette - online news for learners of French

French Dictionaries

Your Dictionary.Com
French About Dictionary

Media & Culture

French Newspaper Guide - list of links to online newspapers in French
TV - 5 - French TV in the U.S.
DNA- French news from Alsace
African-French Expressions - cute taxi-ride to teach expressions
"How to Tell You Are French" - article
French-African Dictionary - illustrated dictionary of French-African expressions
The Louvre Museum

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