Tim Cameron

Class of 1972

Segment I (1968-1979)


Tim Cameron ORU Alumni BoardTim Cameron is a lifelong follower of Jesus. He has been married for 51 years to Annamae (ORU ’72); he believes marriage is his first calling. He was an original Titan (1968-72). Tim has advanced degrees from The University of Tulsa in counseling and teaching arts. He later served ORU as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid to the medical, dental, and law schools, the seminary, the professional schools, and the undergraduate colleges. Tim loved his last years at ORU, working directly with Oral Roberts. He met OR when he was 17, and he laughingly admits Oral was the only person who called him Timmy in all the years he knew him. Tim worked as a principal in large public schools for 15 years and wrapped up his career in education as head of school of the largest private school in Oklahoma. He speaks, writes, and serves as an elder at Believers Church in Tulsa, helping to steward prayer, intercession, and the prophetic ministry. Tim serves on various nonprofit boards and served as an executive officer on the Alumni Board as chaplain during his tenure. Tim is published through Charisma Media. His first book, The Forty-Day Word Fast, is an Amazon best-seller. His most recent books are The Forty-Day Word Fast for Couples and 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus (Charisma House Inc., publisher).

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