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How to Set your ORU Email Address and Complete Registration Steps Online

1. Login to VISION, ORU’s registration system, at vision.oru.edu.

2. Select the option "Login with Z number & Pin."

       registration step 2

3. Login to VISION using your Student ID (Z number) including the "Z." Your pin number by default will be your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY). The first time you login, you have the option to change this number to another six-digit number or use the default.

       registration step 3aregistration step 3b

4. Select "Registration Quick Links" and then "Registration Steps/Online Bookstore."

       registration steps 4b

       registration steps 4a

5. When prompted to select a term, use the drop down menu and select your term of entry (e.g. Fall 2016).

       registration steps 5

6. Please note that on the Registration Steps page, you will see two paragraphs of instructions directed to ORU’s on-campus students. Do not be alarmed by the dates or deadlines listed. Scroll down to the numbered list of “Registration Steps for Fall 2016” and select the red INCOMPLETE next to ORU Email.

Note: Students do not need to worry about Enrollment or Housing as the Advantage Enrollment Team will take care of those steps.

       registration steps 6

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Your “Username/Email” address may be any name that meets the criteria listed and is available. You may choose the username suggested, or create one of your own. For example, "melissa@oru.edu." You must then create a seven-character password. Usernames are case-insensitive and may only contain alphanumeric (A-Z a-z 0-9), underscore (_), and hyphen/minus (-) characters. Passwords must be complex, containing characters from at least 3 of the following 4 categories: uppercase (A-Z), lowercase (a-z), number (0-9), or special (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/). Passwords may not contain your name, username, nor Z-number. Once you have done so, select Create Account. You will then see a screen that says “SUCCESS.”

       registration steps 7

8. Look to the left of the screen to “Address Verification” and select the red INCOMPLETE. Fill out all information for Local Address, Permanent Address and Next of Kin and select "Complete Address Verification." You will then see a screen that says “Success.”

       registration steps 8

9. Look to the left of the screen to "Student Authorization, Release and Financial Contract" and select the red INCOMPLETE. Review the information, and if you agree with the terms stated, click the box that reads, “By checking this box, I indicate that I have read and I agree to the terms of the Student Authorization, Release and Financial Contract.” Then choose the payment option that reads, “Payment in full” and then “SUBMIT”. For all students under 18, enter in the parents’ email address for complete signature.

Note: All Advantage program students are enrolled part time and therefore are not required to hold student health insurance.

       registration steps 9


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