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Bachelor of Science in
Science Education


Program Overview

ORU’s Science Education program is an exciting and interesting major for those who want to teach but also love biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy and ecology. Two worlds collide in this Science Education major as it is offered in cooperation with the ORU College of Education. So that means, you’ll take a variety of sciences classes and professional education classes.

Our ORU Science Education major meets the State of Oklahoma specific requirements for certification in biology, chemistry, physics, and general or physical science. As an ORU Science Ed major, you will have the option to complete the whole science education major requirements working toward a standard certification or complete any other major in the biology, chemistry or engineering department which would lead to an alternative certification. Both are great options and we will help you decide what works best for you.

Degree Plan for B.S. in Science Education

What can I do with a degree in Science Education?

You will be classroom ready! But your Science Education degree isn’t limited to just teaching:

  • Research
  • Training and Development
  • Secondary Teaching

What are some of the core experiences?

  • Introduction to Biology Lecture/Lab
  • Human Ecology Lecture/Lab
  • Methods in Biotechnology
  • General Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Human Anatomy Lecture/Lab
  • Human Physiology Lecture/Lab
  • General Physics Lecture/Lab
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Professional Education Classes

What makes ORU’s Science Education program stand out?

As a Science Education student, you’ll benefit from being a part of the Science and Education departments which will mesh to form a really interesting and fun school experience for you.

Fast-track program

ORU's Fast Track program offers you the opportunity to complete up to 12 hours of graduate course work as an undergraduate student…with no additional cost! For more information click here.

What about accreditation?

As a university we meet the highest accreditation standards set by the Higher Learning Commission. The Science Education program meets certification requirements set by the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability.

Are there scholarships available?

Nearly 100% of our full-time, undergraduate residential students receive ORU grants and scholarships through academic achievement and through ORU’s premier scholarship opportunity of our Quest Whole Leader Scholarship.

Quest Whole Leader Scholarship

General ORU Scholarships and Financial Aid

College of Education Scholarships (Applications available every spring for current ORU College of Education candidates)


Dr. Catherine Klehm, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
College of Science & Engineering

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