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M.Ed. Interdisciplinary Studies


Program Overview

Many careers today require leaders to blend industry-specific skills with the ability to mentor, instruct, and manage a variety of teams and people. This dynamic program will equip you to lead, teach, and work with organizations and individuals outside the traditional school system. It uniquely offers you the flexibility to specialize in your area of interest by taking 5 courses (15 semester hours) in another College at the graduate level.  

Graduate-level classes from other Colleges may be taken in areas such as business, intercultural studies, pastoral care, practical theology, biblical studies, and professional counseling. Class schedules and delivery method will differ by College.

Education classes are taught in a hybrid, modular format consisting of 2½ days of face-to-face sessions, Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon, accompanied by online pre- and post-assignments. Fall sessions are held in September, October, and November; spring sessions are held in January, February, March, and April.

Degree Plan for M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies 

A Master of Education in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree will enable you to:

  • Critically and constructively evaluate the philosophical foundation of various issues and systems from a Christian worldview
  • Develop and communicate an inspiring vision using a variety of research methods and communication strategies
  • Analyze the change process of your organization and implement various strategies for leading change
  • Develop, implement and evaluate equitable leadership policies and systems to ensure that each stakeholder is treated fairly, with an understanding of culture and context
  • Lead ethically in personal conduct, relationships, decision-making, and resource stewardship

Career opportunities include:

Career opportunities exist in a wide range of industries, including business, theology, pastoral care, missions, and professional counseling. Blend your industry-specific skills with effective communication and interpersonal skills in positions such as:

  • Training and Development Manager
  • Mission Team Leader
  • Theology Professor
  • School Psychologist
  • Pastoral Care Worker
  • Biblical Researcher and Historian
  • Program Consultant
  • Program Administrator
  • Program Developer for Public, Private, and Non-Profit Institutions

Are There Scholarships Available?

The Graduate School of Education provides the following Graduate Scholarships.


Dr. Patrick Otto
Graduate Chair
College of Education

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