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Ed.D. Higher Education Teaching


Program Overview

Be prepared to engage and effectively teach in today’s diverse classrooms. This program offers the full range of coursework to be a dynamic Christian leader in higher education instruction. Designed for professionals with expertise in a content area, the program focuses on research-based teaching and learning methodologies.

Classes are taught in a hybrid, modular format consisting of 2½ days of face-to-face sessions, Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon, accompanied by online pre- and post-assignments. Fall sessions are held in September, October, and November; spring sessions are held in January, February, March, and April. This 54-hour, non-cohort, program is designed to be completed in a minimum of three years, including dissertation. Admission is continuous, with program entry at any point in the fall or spring. 

Degree Plan for Ed.D. in Higher Education Teaching 

An Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: Higher Education Teaching will equip you to:

  • Create and carry out lessons characterized by best practices in lecturing, active learning, and problem-based learning
  • Create valid and reliable tests and assessments, including classroom tests and authentic assessments of projects and problem-based assignments
  • Create original, technology-enhanced learning activities
  • Establish administrative policies and educational practices based on theories of adult lifespan and student development
  • Critically and constructively evaluate the philosophical foundation of various issues and systems from a Christian worldview
  • Select and analyze research in order to design an applied research project, drawing on knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods, program evaluation, and reporting

Career opportunities include:

  • University Professor
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Higher Education Institutional Planner
  • Higher Education Program Developer
  • Curriculum Director / Instructional Coordinator
  • Academic Researcher
  • Education Policy Developer
  • Consultant and Program Developer for Public, Private, and Non-Profit Institutions

Are There Scholarships Available?

The Graduate School of Education provides the following Graduate Scholarships.


Dr. Patrick Otto
Graduate Chair
College of Education

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