Individual Sessions

The ORU Music Therapy Clinic advocates that music therapy improves the quality of life for individuals accross the lifespans with and without official diagnosis. In particular, the ORU Music Therapy Clinic serves clinical populations including individuals with:

  • Developmental disabilities: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and other developmental disorders
  • Neurologic disorders: Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury etc.
  • Geriatric disorders: Alzheimer ’s disease, dementia etc.
  • Psychiatric disorders: Anxiety, depression, emotional & behavioral disorders etc.

Evidence based music therapy treatments will be provided in (a) physical (sensorimotor), cognitive, and speech-language rehabilitation; (b) developmental and educational programs; and (c) music centered psychotherapy. Please see below for more information:

Manual of Music Therapy Interventions

Individual Sessions Flyer

Individual Sessions FAQ page

Free Assessments

All new clients are asked to participate in a free one-on-one music therapy asessment with a board-certified music therapist before starting sessions. Please contact at musictherapy@oru.edu or call (918) 493-8040 for more information.

Session Schedule

Individual sessions usually occur once a week for 30 or 45 minutes for the duration of one academic semester and are scheduled on an individual basis. Frequency of sessions can also be adapted on a case-by-case scenario. Please see "payment and policies" for more information on service fees.

Online Sessions

The ORU Music Therapy Clinic also offers online sessions. Treatment plans continue to be evidence-based, interactive, and success-oriented. 

See below for interviews of caregivers/guardians who have engaged in online sessions:


Sesiones en Español

La clínica de musicoterapia en la universidad de Oral Roberts está proveyendo servicios de musicoterapia en español, con la opción de ser en persona o en línea.

Servimos a personas de todas edades con trastornos del desarrollo, trastornos psicológicos, y trastornos neurológicos incluyendo ancianos con Alzheimer y demencia.

Las sesiones son individuales e incluyen intervenciones musicales basadas en técnicas científicas para lograr metas personalizadas.

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