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Free Assessments

All new clients are invited to participate in a free one-on-one music therapy assessment with a board-certified music therapist. Assessments will be 30 or 45 minutes in length at the ORU Music Therapy Clinic.

Frequency and Length of Sessions

Each individual or group session runs either 30 minutes or 45 minutes on a weekly. Sessions are typically once a week. However, the frequency and length of sessions can be adapted based on the  client's developmental/rehabilitation stage and function, and therapeutic goals and objectives.


The ORU Music Therapy Clinic charges the following music therapy service fees:

On-site fees at the clinic:

  • $30 for a 30-minute individual sessions
  • $40 for a 45-minute individual sessions
  • Group sessions (minimum 5 months consecutive contract) — $12 per individual member for a 45-minute group session
  • Other music therapy programs: Please see "Group Sessions" for more information

Off-site fees:

  • $45 for an off-site 30-minute session
  • $55 for an off-site 45-minute session
  • Off-site contract group sessions (a minimum of 6 members to a maximum of 8 members with a 5-month consecutive contract) — $15 per individual member for a 45-minute group session

Payment can be made online by visiting the link here.

The ORU Music Therapy Clinic will continue to receive donations from anyone who wishes to support our mission, along with the above music therapy service fees.

Cancellation/Rescheduling of Sessions

Twenty-four hours' advance notice must be provided to the therapist prior to cancellation. Rescheduling requests are subject to the therapist's availability. Sessions may be canceled by the therapist. These sessions can be rescheduled according to the therapist's and clients' availability.

Late Arrivals

In order to maximize clients' therapy time it is very important to arrive on time. The ORU music therapy clinic reserves the right to discontinue treatment if late arrivals are deemed a problem.

Discontinuance of Service and "No Show" Policy (Withdrawal)

A client has a right to discontinue services for any reason with a 2 weeks' advance notice. A "no show" is when a client fails to show for a scheduled session without canceling or rescheduling the appointment. Without 24 hours' advanced notice, the service fee will be charged. With notice, rescheduling requests are subject to the therapist's availability. If a client fails to show for two consecutive appointments, he/she may become ineligible for services.


All of the music therapy sessions are provided and/or supervised by an ORU Music Therapy clinical team member. All music therapists at the ORU Music Therapy Clinic serve as board-certified music therapists (MT-BC), Licensed Professional Music Therapists (LPMT), and are a neurologic music therapy fellows (NMT-F). One of our music therapists holds a Ph.D. degree in music therapy and another holds a Master's degree in music therapy from a university program approved by the American Music Therapy Association.


Clients may be self-referred, referred by professionals (including physicians, counselors, social workers, occupational and speech therapists), or referred by various agencies or community facilities that provide services for clients. Therapists will decide whether each client is eligible for and an appropriate beneficiary from music therapy services after an initial assessment.

Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

Please click here to view the ORU Music Therapy Clinic's NPP document.

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